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The Greatest (natural) Show on Earth!


Iguassu Falls, one of the world’s most awesome series of cataracts which combine to create the spectacular grouping of 275 thundering waterfalls, is located on the borders of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. Three hour’s flying time from Rio de Janeiro, Iguassu Falls is a spectacle whose beauty and force can be seen, but never fully described or completely captured by any camera. The drama of these massive cascades is heightened by the almost deafening roar of the torrents of water crashing into ravines. Ever present rainbows sparkle against forest of green pines and lush vegetation. Nearby, visitors can stroll along trails to the viewpoints where the mighty Falls thunder into the gorge. The Falls are 2 ½ miles wide with 250 separate jumps, for a total height of 200 feet. A truly magnificent work of nature. The Falls themselves are part of the Iguassu Park, the largest national park in South America. It covers 507 acres, and is made up of vast forest reserves including tropical wood species such as Brazilian walnut, cedar, ipê, secular peroba, silk-cotton trees, and jaracatiá. The park is also home to a wide array of rare birds and animals. Stop at the museum with stuffed animals, botanical samples, regional objects, and ethnographic materials. Visit Ciudad del Este in Paraguay, to buy merchandise from all over the world as well as lovely Paraguayan handicrafts located across the Ponte da Amizade (Friendship Bridge). The bridge is a remarkable work of Brazilian engineering, consisting of a 300 yards arch of steel concrete, one of the largest in the world. Special attraction of the city are the Casinos, with roulette, baccarat, twenty-one and slot machines. A short drive upstream from the Falls is the Itaipú Hydro Power Plant, the largest in the world with its 14 million kilowatts. This bilateral project is the result of a treaty signed between Brazil and Paraguay in April 1973 with completion of the main part of the structure, in October 1982. Fishing enthusiasts will discover a new challenge in the Dourado fish. Known as the “Tiger of the Paraná River”, the Dourado is difficult to catch and can weigh up to 15 pounds. Iguassu Falls is truly one of Mother Nature’s master pieces!

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