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A country larger than the continental USA, mostly located between the Equator and the Tropic of Capricorn, with mild temperatures year-round, over 4,000 miles of gorgeous coastline, largest preserved wilderness on Earth, rich history and the happiest people on the planet, obviously has a multitude of varied and interesting destinations to offer!

For this website, however, we have chosen Brazil’s four best destinations to showcase this beautiful country – Rio de Janeiro, the most beautiful and complete incentive destination in the world; Salvador, the most fascinating, historic and culturally rich of all Brazilian cities; Manaus, the mysterious and unique city located in the middle of the Amazon Jungle, about 1,000 miles up the Amazon River; and Iguassu Falls, where Mother Nature didn’t spare any efforts to show its full splendor!

But don’t forget that we operate in all of Brazil and will be most happy to provide you with detailed and creative proposals for any Brazilian destination!



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