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Gaucho Show

Performed by ten great artists, this is a 20-minute colorful show of Gaucho folklore, encompassing some of the most beautiful songs and dances of the legendary southern Brazilian cowboy - the Gaucho.

Folklore Show

This 45 to 50 minutes lively show of Brazilian folklore, is a rich mixture of Brazilian and African music, dances, costumes and voodoo including: "Capoeira" with its origins in a fearful form of fight mastered only by the slaves; the beautiful "Dança dos Orixás" or dance of the gods, each representing one of nature's elements; and some of the most unique Afro-Brazilian instruments such as "atabaque" , "berimbau", "agogô" and "cuíca", lending an aura of mystery and authenticity to this fascinating show (25 artists) of Brazilian Folklore.

Carnival Show

Considered "The Greatest Show on Earth", Carnival is an integral part of Brazilian life and one of life's greatest celebrations. Our presentation of this festive event offers a vivacious show of samba and pageantry encompassing the most outstanding elements of Carnival, including the unique Samba instruments, 3 Carnival costumes winners from the previous year's Carnival Costume Contest and 10 great mulatto dancers, for a total of about 25 performers, as well as a 4-piece dance band that plays during dinner and again after the show for a total of about 3 hours.

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