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Brazil is such a vast and varied country, with such rich folklore and talented people, that it would be literally impossible to include here all the beautiful and unique articles that can be used either as room gifts or mailing pieces.
Therefore, we have selected a small sampling of the most popular items that are listed here for the purpose of just giving you an idea of what is available. Pictures and descriptions of other articles are readily available upon request.
A Book on Rio

There are several very good books available. Some with pictures only, others include Rio's fascinating history. Some small, others thin, but most very attractive and useful as perpetuators of the incomparable memories of an unforgettable trip!

Beach Kit

An ideal room gift for the day preceding a full day Tropical Islands Cruise, this useful kit can include a personalized beach bag, a beach towel, a small bottle of suntan lotion or screen, a sun visor or beach hat, as well as any other item from our list of available inclusions.

Beer Mug

This is a very nice souvenir, ideal for a Gaucho theme party or any meal at a churrascaria style restaurant. Measuring about 5½ inches in height, these glazed pottery mugs have a smooth white surface on which the client's name and/or logo can be printed.

Bottle of Nega Fulô Cachaça

This artistic hand-made flagon of famous Nega Fulô cachaça (distilled sugar-cane spirit), comes with a small booklet that not only outlines the famous Nega Fulô legend, but also includes a few interesting recipes. The 7-inch high bottle comes in a sturdy card board box for protection when packing.

Brazilian CD

The latest releases from the best Brazilian singers and/or musicians.

Brazilian Coffee

A small personalized burlap bag (10 in x 6 in) containing a vacuumed packed bag of extra rich "Café Pelé" coffee.

Brazilian Goodies Basket

A nice straw basket wrapped in cellophane paper, including Brazilian goodies of the client’s choice, such as cans of mango juice, coconut juice, selection of fresh tropical fruits, Brazilian coffee, Brazilian chocolates, Brazilian nuts etc.

Caipirinha Kit

A hand made square box of light grain wood (4 3/8 x 4 3/8 x 3 5/8 inches), containing a caipirinha size glass, a mixing spoon with wood handle pestle. The recipe and group name/logo are printed on the glass cover.

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