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We have done our best to include in this section, as well as in all others of this web site, all of the basic information about our services, tours, theme parties etc., with concise descriptions and easy navigation format, so as to help you find what you need and allow you to prepare a good proposal fast. Obviously, Brazil is so rich and diverse, with such easy going and accommodating people, that we can almost say we can do whatever you want, as long as it is humanly possible! And we encourage you to challenge us! Give us your ideas and we promise to work on it so as to make it come true, or offer you equally interesting options. GB Internacional’s main concern has always been to offer the very best available to all our clients – from individual travelers to large conference groups. In order to do that, we work in a true spirit of partnership with all of the best suppliers and hotels throughout the country and we offer you the very best in flexibility, creativity and quality control – which also allows us to offer you the very best value per dollar spent.

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