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  Rio Regatta

Diamond blue seas and a steady breeze set the course for our exciting Rio Regatta. The race is an exhilarating experience across the Guanabara Bay with some of the most famous scenery in the world as a backdrop. Fresh air, sunshine and a friendly competitive spirit will make this one of your most enjoyable events in Rio.

Rio SuperSports

For a very special and highly motivating half day theme event, which offers a great opportunity for interaction, participation and healthy competition among group members, we suggest a specially produced afternoon of Rio SuperSports. All of the games are devised so that even the least athletic participants can play a vital role in assisting their teams to victory. Colorful pennants and game markers for easy orientation and maximum visual effect delineate the game areas. Special prizes are awarded to the best team and best individual efforts in a light-hearted and humorous awards ceremony that should take place that evening or the next. So let the whistle blow and the games begin!

Soccer Match at Zico’s Club in Barra da Tijuca

Brazil is most famous for its great soccer and next to Pelé, Zico is Brazil’s most famous player. Zico played for Brazil’s most popular team, Flamengo until 1989, before finishing his career in Japan with the Kashima Antlers Club. He played for Brazil in the World Cups of 1978, 82 and 86, totaling 68 goals in 94 games. Upon return to Brazil, Zico has dedicated his time and efforts to his Soccer Club in the Barra da Tijuca district of Rio, training young children in the arts of soccer. We can organize single games against local teams, as well as full day soccer tournaments.

Treasure Hunts

There are numerous ways to produce a treasure hunt that can make it a simple affair or a really elaborate event based to the variety of options available. We have devised two treasure hunts that are different in their approach to reaching the prizes. The Blackbeard´s Treasure Hunt which allows everyone to search for the treasure on an individual basis and the Buccaneers Treasure Hunt involving a team effort. Both of these are staged in conjunction with a Tropical Islands Cruise.

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